As we cannot be with you in person, please ensure you are using your common sense and remember:


  • when performing any dance class or exercise without supervision, you are performing them at your own risk.  If in doubt, please consult your doctor ;

  • it is your responsibility to make your own risk assessment of the area you are dancing in, so completely clear a safe space in which to move, avoiding trips, slips and falls – including objects from tables, from the floor & be careful of low hanging lamp shades etc;

  • to wear suitable footwear to be able to pivot on your own floor surface (i.e. no rubber soled shoes, flip flops, sandals etc);

  • to ensure you are on a suitable smooth surface floor in order to pivot; such as tiles, laminate or real wood;

  • we would ask you to avoid dancing on carpet, but if you do, try a pair of leather soled shoes, or limit the amount of pivoting you do, to avoid damaging your knees;

  • to ensure there are no distractions from children or pets and that you have suitable hydration available at all times;

  • do not attempt anything that you do not feel 100% comfortable with. If in doubt, please consult a medical expert before participating;

  • by participating in these classes, you are agreeing to waive any and all liability to DT Fitness Online and its employees for any injury or harm.





Before you begin, it is vital that you warm up and cool down after any exercise session.

If something hurts stop immediately! These movements should not cause pain or discomfort. Every ‘body’ is different, and you should work within your limitations.

Please take things at your own pace. As this is an online activity, you can pause, stop, and restart whenever you need to. You may also modify exercises so that they do not push the extremes of your capabilities.