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About me

I am a qualified Personal Trainer based in London UK.

My passion is to help people to improve their fitness level, body shape, posture and wellbeing.


Being previously a professional dancer, I have been training most of my life. I have always believed that the harder you train, the better you become! The dance industry is a tough one and unless you are both physically and mentally strong,  you will struggle in achieving your goals.


Towards the end of my competitive career I became more and more interested and involved in resistance training and weightlifting. I simply love it. It has literally helped me through the hardest days of my life!


The anticipation of the next training session, the sweat while doing it and the most amazing feeling after the session - when you feel so strong that you could move mountains, is something so special that I would just love you to experience and enjoy it!


It will change your life forever.



"I am a Pro-Am dancer and fitness is a must for me to be able to perform well and compete successfully. With Dorde's help  I developed my muscle tone, balance and flexibility which changed not just my dancing but my life."


February 26, 2020

“Since working out with Dorde I am stronger and fitter than I have ever been. His positive attitude makes even challenging workouts fun!

 Dorde’s clear explanations mean that even the blind can follow his workouts easily”.


January 10, 2020

"We are a couple who love to dance and are so fortunate to have found Dorde. We started classes with Dorde about 5 years ago and from the first class wanted him to teach us on a regular basis. Our lessons with Dorde ,as a teacher and coach, are always fun balanced with hard work. We have learnt so much. The choreography Dorde has given us feels so natural as he is so good at making us feel comfortable and giving us confidence to get around the floor and enjoy a great social skill as well as feeling fitter. As an added bonus we have both lost a few pounds. We can highly recommend his work."

Frank and Pearl

November 26, 2017





Mobile: +44 7572940196

Email: info@dtfitness.uk

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